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28-Dec-2017 20:01

You can be at 109, I could be at 100, and yet we could have a great play experience together.So we can essentially build our areas in such a way that it's almost level independent, right?Do you feel like this is gonna be a good place for new players to start?I think yes, in terms of the story but also in terms of what we're doing in the game itself.In that way, it seems like it's going to be a more personal story, because we've already done these kind of world ending, huge narratives. It's not a big giant monster or a titan like Sargeras.Now, it's about the greatest enemy that you could possibly have. In some ways, this feels like going back to the beginning, to the original conflict of orcs versus humans.You can be very successful in our dungeons, in our raids, without having to get the absolute last drop of best-in-slot gear possible.

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We learned a lot from that, and I think some of those features made their way forward into order halls and the missions and followers that we had in Legion.

For someone coming in cold, we're still gonna have the beginning, one to 20 acclimation zones that get you used your spells, weapons, and abilities.

And then around 20, that's when you're out in the world and you start making choices about where you want to go. We call them allied races, they're an elf, for instance, in the case of the Nightborn. Obviously some bragging rights if you level up from the beginning and get the heritage armor set, which you can trans-mog into any armor piece. Thinking about jumping into World of Warcraft now, in some ways it's like a really long-running TV show.

By the same token you're gonna see a lot of the evolution of Sylvanas. We told some of her story--she's the chieftain of the Horde--but you're gonna see a lot more of her in Battle for Azeroth.

Obviously these stories are less about this one common foe as in Legion but more about the two sides.

Yeah, our expectation isn't that everybody coming to the game new is gonna wanna go from the beginning.

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