Updating 003 rack system firmware initializing controllers

16-Sep-2017 10:39

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Fixed database validation with BSAP driver and support upload. Fixed G3RS0000 turns Off RS485 transmit line too quickly. Fixed touching blank screen areas causing buttons to activate. Added increased number of major and minor divisions in the Trend Viewer. Fixed XCCN option card not working in Produc TVity Station. Fixed Adam 4000 series modules driver Kadet support. Fixed Applied Motion parse bug and increased register range. Fixed access of Micro Logix DF1 array elements greater than 254. Updates: Fixed retentive memory loss issue in Modular Controller and Data Station products. Updates: Fixed G3 intermittent comms when ARP request for gateway address not responded to. Fixed Log Comment function not adding comments to log. Fixed inability to map tag to FST register message #1 parameter within Emerson Process ROC driver. Updates: Added ability to password protect programs and data tags.

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" Fixed Parker 6K communication driver’s real writes on Graphite HMIs Improved Graphite module enumeration behavior Updates: Added Red Lion E3 Master TCP/IP driver Added support for E3 I/O modules Updates: Fixed download failures of databases containing a DNS configuration Fixed Siemens S7 TCP/IP Driver gateway block issue when mapping data blocks Updates: Added 32-bit access for Data Registers in IDEC Micro 3 Series / ONC communication driver Added improved Multistate access in BACnet Slave communication drivers Added "Unsigned" option for "Treat As" function in Emerson Enhanced ROC driver Added ability of custom web page data entry to work without changing HTML code in existing applications Added ability to change text color in the Event Viewer Added support for a 250 response code from an FTP server Fixed "Port Input" function returning partial data after timeout has elapsed Fixed Ftp Put File and Ftp Get File user functions hanging when called with no memory card present Fixed German translation of "Add Gateway Block" Fixed IDEC driver not accepting a write of more than 17 "D" registers Fixed inability to change certain TLPs in Emerson Enhanced ROC driver Fixed inability to enter values for bits within a tag when tag is in Widget Fixed incorrect addressing of certain gateway blocks in Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master driver Fixed incorrect labeling of Kadet communications ports when running Crimson 3 in foreign languages Fixed interference between Modbus "Automatic" and "Gateway" communications blocks Fixed L5K driver generating duplicate "T-O" IDs Fixed renaming of modules not being propagated to the source of mapped tags Fixed SMTP authentication using MD5 Digest regardless of configuration Fixed tag mapping changing when copying or importing tags associated with ABB Total Flow Enhanced Master drivers Removed mouse support from CSMSTRZR and DSPZR models Updates: Added Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master with TIA S7 Tag Import Driver Updates: Added communication improvements to ABB Total Flow Enhanced Master drivers Added expanded Application Number functionality for ABB Total Flow Enhanced Master drivers Added Start Command timeout to Siemens S7 via MPI Adapter driver Fixed autotranslation not completing with some databases Fixed autotranslation not working with long text boxes Fixed CS and Graphite PID2 Module Alt PV behavior Fixed exporting of strings causing software crash Fixed File Viewer Primitive when viewing files with malformed content Fixed inability to configure translation when running in French Fixed L5K V2 driver memory leak Fixed Pason WITS driver real writes Fixed USB keyboard input not working on G306 with USB Host Option Card Updates: Added improvement to J1939 driver multipacket send mechanism Added new version of ABB Totalflow driver Added support for new G3/MC/DSP HSPA modem option card Added user interface to CANOpen PDO Slave Driver to allow manual TPDO configuration Added warning box to Save Conversion function Fixed address changing after tag creation Fixed alarm tags containing invalid or non-working options Fixed CAN PDO Slave Driver causing endless reboot Fixed Crimson 3 crashing during import Fixed Crimson crashing when viewing web page Fixed emulator not working with G10R Graphite® HMI Fixed Event History not functioning properly Fixed G3 rebooting when custom web page is accessed Fixed importing of data tags causing Crimson to crash Fixed modem drivers not honoring baud rate setting Fixed PDF viewer causing GMC Fixed rebooting of G15 due to unreachable DNS server after database download Fixed Save Camera Setup function not working in Banner camera driver Updates: Fixed intermittent power resulting in apparent loss of database Updates: Added PDF viewer primitive to Produc TVity Station (PTV) Updates: Added Device Net module support for Graphite HMIs Added HSPA cellular modem module support for Graphite HMIs Added PROFIBUS module support for Graphite HMIs Added updates and corrections to Reference Manual Added updates and corrections to User Manual Updates: Added configuration sorting to optimize communications in Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver Added Opcode table access to Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver Fixed As Text R64 failing to display digits after decimal point Fixed Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver clock Current Time writes Fixed Emerson ROC with NRM radio module resulting in garbled data Updates: Fixed Crimson® crash and driver mapping failure when using Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver in build 635.000 Updates: Added changes to Enhanced ROC Driver string mapping Added clearer functionality of Modbus ping holding register Added default event name for alarms as in Crimson 2 Added entry order option to Pages Added extended range of data registers to Mitsubishi Q Series driver Added increased Type-K thermocouple temperature range to all modules Added TCP Port for TCP Link option to Options Menu Fixed ability to map HCM value Fixed Allen Bradley CSV import (DF1 and DH485 Driver) allowing invalid tag names Fixed attaching of mouse causing G315 to reboot Fixed BSAP master serial driver not communicating with device address 16 Fixed Crimson crashing when clicking on data logger or web server Fixed CTC 2000 Series master driver not functioning Fixed data dropping out on remote view during CF image save Fixed data entry still functioning when group's show property is false Fixed edge triggered and auto accept level alarms not operating correctly Fixed enabling of custom home page breaking access to internal web pages Fixed extracting database from G304K2 via USB to 232 converter Fixed file conversion of G12 to G09 causing shell crash Fixed font sizing issue on Graphite HMIs Fixed G15 download stalling when writing data block 2 Fixed G304K databases not converting to Kadet 2 properly Fixed G306K Kadet crashing when running Modbus drivers Fixed Get Current User Name not being populated by webserver login Fixed Get Interface Status(2) not functioning Fixed GMDIO module Active High/Active Low Fixed Graphite battery reading not working Fixed image file not loading from Compact Flash card as expected Fixed incorrect button navigation in system menu Fixed Is Device Online() function not working with S7 300/400 TCP/IP driver Fixed L5K V1 Driver reading too much data Fixed L5K V2 driver failing to reconnect without a read Fixed log time stamps not honoring time zone setting in Time Manager Fixed Modbus Device Gateway Driver not responding to function code 16 properly Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Slave not working on option card port Fixed MPI card not communicating to multiple devices Fixed Port Input not functioning as desired Fixed PTV failing to output Fixed system menu affecting touch screen calibration Fixed system menu displaying unsupported options Fixed tag import allowing for invalid character for tag name Fixed tag import causing database crash due to illegal character in tag description Fixed tag import/export issue Fixed unit rebooting when trend viewer exceeds 24hr view Fixed USB host copy being very slow Updates: Added ability to disable Modbus Gateway device Disabled memory card access of Trend Viewer due to slow response time Fixed continuous log Trend Viewer not showing all data Fixed crashing of G306K when running Modbus drivers Fixed L5k file causing Crimson to crash on import Fixed L5K V2 driver requesting individual items Fixed L5K V2.01 driver creating invalid named tags of wrong type Fixed Modbus Device Gateway driver not responding to function code 16 properly Fixed Modbus driver polling return errors Fixed Port Input not functioning properly without carriage return Fixed Trend Viewer not trending logs set to triggered snapshots properly Updates: Fixed CSTC8ISO modules not detecting failed input correctly Fixed Galil/Yaskawa Universal SMC serial driver not allowing runtime to be stopped Fixed Get Interface Status(2) not functional Fixed PFM not functional with Kadet and Graphite HMIs Updates: Fixed G307K2 Kadet failing to restart after power cycle Updates: Added ability to monitor Graphite module status Added ability to set backlight timeout from a tag Added access to CF data via trend viewer Added additional image types to image file selection list Added change to Profibus slave driver names Added driver for KOYO Do-more PLC Added indication of configured modules on module lists Added modification to how data is displayed in Trend Viewer Added modification to Modbus slave drivers to support reading more bits per transaction Added option to define gateway address from system menu Added option to force reload of image from CF card Added option to not expect response to a Modbus write Added option to send a single packet for Port Print Added option to send out single Ethernet packet that includes nulls Added ping command to detect Ethernet devices Added support to Make Pic utility to support all product color formats Added system menu to Crimson 3 Fixed alias input I/O not responding in AB L5K V2 driver Fixed bool array issues with L5K V2 driver Fixed BSAP UDP data appearing to jump Fixed CSMSTRZR not allowing user to add modules Fixed Graphite home icon not working in web server Fixed inability to write long values via CAN PDO slave driver Fixed Kadet 2 inability to write reals to Animatics Smart Motor Fixed mouse cursor position not constrained to screen Fixed navigating to a page crashing Crimson 3 Fixed Port Input command not ending with timeout Fixed scaled tags causing fill mode to crash on primitive fill behavior Fixed tag limits with fill-from-bottom feature causing crash with value greater than 12832 Fixed trend viewer with cursor not always showing data Fixed widget binding crashing Crimson 3 Fixed widget not following array element assignments Updates: Added Graphite module support for CAN protocol Added Graphite module support for J1939 protocol Updates: Added ability to access BACnet UDP slave device ID Added ability to add more than one tag at a time to L5K V2 driver Available Address list Added BACnet relinquish support Added Dev Ctrl support to Enhanced ROC Driver to control group and unit numbers Added Dev Ctrl support to L5K driver Added digital inputs to ROC driver Added disable of abort button during critical download period Added mechanism to ROC driver to detect string access character length Added missing security option to Chinese Crimson version Added option to choose which logs are sync'ed with SQL database Added option to configure timeout for "Auto Scroll" of event viewer Added option to include 'FIRE_TRIGGERS' hint to SQL Sync Added PID selection to drop down of ROC drivers Added predefined point types to Enhanced ROC Driver Added slot and route options to L5K V2 driver Added square brackets around table and column names for SQL Sync Fixed Allen-Bradely L5K v1 driver not communicating when routing path contains IP address string with an odd number of characters Fixed Allen-Bradley L5K V1.04 driver corrupting tags when L5K file is imported Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 driver droping UDT comms when another device on protocol has communication error Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 driver tags not showing up in Resource pane Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 with removal of manual tag entry Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.00 driver not reading Real tag Fixed Arial 32 Black font displaying improperly on G304K200 Fixed BACnet MS/TP connection causing data corruption Fixed BACnet MS/TP data points not being auto-discovered Fixed BACnet MS/TP Slave not functioning Fixed BACnet UDP/IP Master stopping polling Fixed BACnet UDP/IP not responding to Who-Is or issuing I-Am request on secondary Ethernet port Fixed BACnet UPD/IP with 802.3 communications issue Fixed conversion feature changing tag addresses Fixed database causing G315 to lose time Fixed database giving resource error when modifying data tags Fixed database not loading to G12 with certain images included Fixed Enhanced ROC Driver not reading string length correctly Fixed Enhanced ROC Driver not using ping correctly Fixed importing L5K crashing Crimson 3.0 Fixed J1939 custom PGN editor not working with more than 8 SPNs Fixed mouse cursor not working on Graphite units Fixed opening database in new build changing mappings Fixed space being sent at end of a string even if NUL is selected Fixed SQL Sync not always generating proper column type Fixed SQL Sync of large logs failing Fixed text not displaying properly on G304K2 and G307K2 Fixed TLP item in ROC driver showing as wrong data type Updates: Added 2D barcode primitive Added acknowledge bit to SQL Sync Fixed Cognex driver not displaying images properly Fixed Cognex image driver not working on Graphite models Updates: Fixed missed and repeated touches on Graphite models Updates: Added download-only mode for protection access Added driver for Yaskawa A1000 TCP Added gateway block export option Added increase to Security Timeout Limit of four hours Added SNMP traps for analog values Added support for fonts larger than 200pt Fixed Baldor Mint Host not writing reals correctly Fixed data box covering trend area in Trend Viewer Fixed deleting of last formatted tag crashing Crimson when "New Tag" is selected Fixed DSP and MC RS485 port intermittent comms with Modbus Universal Master ASCII Mode and Port Sharing enabled Fixed emulator web server showing incorrect colors Fixed Get Week returning incorrect value Fixed GMUNI module not staying set for Type K thermocouple Fixed going from build 502.001 to 582.001 causing SDO driver to change addresses Fixed Graphite rebooting when scanned with IP scanner Fixed Graphite sending malformed DNS requests Fixed Graphite units occasionally missing screen touches Fixed HEX Characters Show as ? Fixed crash on exporting CSV from Allen Bradley tag names driver. Fixed CSOUT not functioning when negative value is used for data low. Fixed display items getting shifted when page is shown as a popup.

Added improvements to MIF import in Micro Mod driver. Added new property of "Read Anyway" to program area.

Fixed adding 2nd Bristol Babcock BSAP device causing Modular Controller to reboot.

Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver adding incorrect character. Fixed DH485 driver losing communications after power cycle. Fixed alarm ticker flashing after alarm is accepted. Fixed gateway block settings reverting back to default values after data tag changes. Fixed importing of Allen Bradley CSV file causing crash. Fixed Modbus device gateway driver blocking direction.

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Fixed Kadet 2s entering restart loop after database download. Fixed inability to change tag mapping to another module. Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Master not disabling Code 16 when writing Word as Long.

Fixed "This is not a genuine copy of Crimson 3" error. Fixed Class Selection under Animatics Smart Motor driver. Fixed Active Alarms failing with Data-Match-Event and Edge-Triggered Alarm tags. Fixed multi-state tags not importing properly when using Micro Mod driver. Fixed time server not responding to client requests.