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12-Jul-2017 02:25

The first formal report against Jaeger came in 2013, when a then–graduate student named Keturah Bixby—one of the EEOC complainants—gave the department chairman, Greg De Angelis, the names and contact information of several female students who had allegedly witnessed Jaeger’s inappropriate behavior.

Three months later, after speaking with just two of the students, De Angelis allegedly told Bixby that although Jaeger’s alleged behavior was “undesirable,” it didn’t violate any university policies.

Previously, when Kidd had questioned Jaeger about the propriety of his sexual encounters with graduate students, he allegedly told her that senior members of the faculty and administration knew about and approved of his relationships.

After Bixby’s report was dismissed, the complaint says, it seemed Jaeger had De Angelis’ explicit blessing.

So the complainants aren’t asking for his termination or censure.

Instead, they’re pushing for a complete overhaul of the system by which the university arbitrates sexual harassment claims.

Richard Aslin, a complainant who held several leadership positions in his 33 years at UR, resigned in June over the university’s handling of the case.

“I was dean for five years at Rochester in the ’90s, and saw in my role as dean some of the unprofessional behaviors of faculty members I had to adjudicate, but this one is the worst I’ve seen,” Aslin said.

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Early in 2016, Aslin, then the director of graduate studies in the brain and cognitive sciences department, was part of a faculty discussion about possibly hiring someone who’d had a relationship with a student or former student.

The complaint documents dozens of alleged instances of Jaeger’s misconduct over the past decade.