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16-Sep-2017 01:47

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Pronounced "SHAO-ICE," it’s a bot whose name is Chinese for "little Bing." That's Bing as in Microsoft's perennial also-ran search engine. The camera cut to an animated circle hovering in front of a virtual podium.

The face transformed into an image of a microphone, and in a soft female voice, Xiaoice shared her forecast, even answering a question from the anchor.

Each morning, he told me, he puts on a Holo Lens, which enables him to look at a virtual, interactive calendar projected on a wall of his house. The system was intelligent, productive, and futuristic: everything he hopes Microsoft will be under his leadership.

No matter where we work in the future, Nadella says, Microsoft will have a place in it.

Satya Nadella bounded into the conference room, eager to talk about intelligence.

I was at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA, and the company’s CEO was touting the company's progress in building more intelligent apps and services.

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