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The vast amount of knowledge accumulated in these disciplines throughout science’s brief history is barely a fraction of what is necessary to understand the forces and processes of the earth.

Researchers and academics in the earth science fields continue the quest for understanding and advancement; striving to discover solutions for current concerns and to predict potential future issues and events.

A release for GNU/Linux with similar features will follow soon.

Development is under way to standardise a IRC services protocol.

Union University attracts some of the nation's leading Christian intellectuals.(Image Source) Years of human interference and negligence on this planet have interrupted the natural processes of the earth.

Processes which restore, repair and sustain the resources and systems essential to the continued health of the many inhabitants of the planet are not functioning as they were intended.


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The most notable improvement is probably the moveable components, that is, you can move the userlist and tree around to different positions with the mouse [youtube video].

Beyond academic advising available in each academic college, the university has advising and mentoring programs.

We would pile into Leo's dressing room, which was full of Play Stations, mini basketball hoops and the like.… continue reading »

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