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In a speech on July 26 in Havana, Fidel Castro took note of the incursion and called upon North American activists to oppose it. request for granting its soldiers immunity from prosecution for crimes they commit within the countries' borders. On May 26, in a secret session, Paraguay's Congress passed legislation protecting U. soldiers from prosecution for criminal activity, both within Paraguay and by the International Criminal Court. , a small city located 200 kilometers from the Bolivian border in the arid, sparsely populated Chaco area of Paraguay. Paraguay's vice president, Luis Castiglioni, met with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and former Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs Roger Noriega last July in Washington. version of the Paraguay initiative is that for the next 18 months, in addition to joint military exercises, 13 U. military teams would be working on humanitarian aide projects, provide counterterrorism and police training and ameliorate the effects of poverty. Washington also operates a network of 17 land-based radar stations (three in Peru, four in Colombia, plus 10 mobile radar stations in secret locations.) All of these installations come are under the control of the U. Spain supplied Venezuela with naval aeronautical material, 10 transport planes, and four coast-guard cutters.In that vein, an inquiry is in order as to why the U. government has inserted Paraguay into its strategic plan for South America. In December 2004, the Bush administration canceled 0 million in economic and military aid to 10 South American countries. On May 5, however, the government of Paraguay took the bait. Observers suggested that this welcoming committee was unusually high-powered for a visiting vice president of a small South American nation. The FBI announced that it would be opening an office in Paraguay in 2006. Venezuela will be buying 50 training and combat jets from Brazil.A Reuters' story of Nov 25 of that year describes the former president as full of praise for Moon at a banquet in Buenos Aires, toasting him as the man with the vision. S.-friendly presidents have been chased from office in the past two years. S.-backed candidate in last December's national election was no exception to the trend. Paraguay's neighbor, Uruguay, put a social democrat into the presidency in 2004, and last February President Kirchner of Argentina violated world financial orthodoxy when his government negotiated a 60 percent cut in Argentina's billion debt obligations. The so-called triple border, where Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay meet along both sides of the Parana River, is the storied locus for smuggling, money laundering, commerce in child prostitutes, counterfeit operations, and fixing of illegal border crossings. meddling in South America has great potential to add to existing tensions in the region as it adds its might to ongoing South American military expansion. Plan Colombia and to new military modalities, particularly the privatization of military forces on display in Columbia.(And Moon helped Bush out with his own vision thing, paying him 0,000 for the pleasure of his company.) Bush and Moon then traveled together to Uruguay, to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital, Montevideo, to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America. rationale for converting Paraguay into a military satellite is worth exploring. Both Argentina and Brazil have quietly rejected the FTAA. The cities supposedly are centers for Islamic extremism and sources of funding for terrorist groups. military authorities advertise their operatives moving into Paraguay as experts in counterterrorism. According to Uruguayan Ral Zibechi, an expert on the continent's military landscape, South America is experiencing unprecedented military growth. They are also attempting to emulate Brazil's new posture of strategic military autonomy.Back in the day, its economy was dominated by a small number of landlords, with big loads of the population squatting on the fringes of their huge estates. If he chooses a more moderate path, Bolivia's social movements are likely to organize the type of protests and strikes that have ousted two presidents in two years. troops stationed in neighboring Paraguay may be poised to intervene if the Andean country sways too far from Washington's interests.The Gini index (the standard measure of income inequality) is predictably high - 56, by comparison the U. In the gas-rich Santa Cruz region, business elites are working toward seceding from the country to privatize the gas reserves. However, he has played limited roles in the popular uprisings of recent years.

Yet according to the journal Military Power Review Venezuela comes in at sixth place among South American nations in terms of military strength. The nation is the 10th largest industrial power in the world and has become the world's fifth largest arms exporter. The governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole is reportedly set to remarry a gorgeous model/former flight attendant, Iara Fortes on Friday May 15 2015, according to several news sources.His wife, Clara, passed away due to cancer, 5 years ago, in December 2010.They are there ostensibly for humanitarian and counterterrorism purposes. In late July, its army undertook military maneuvers along that country's border with Paraguay. For one thing, Washington is responding in catch-up fashion to mounting popular resistance in the region to U. Paraguay has joined them in the South American Common Market (Mercosur), which shelters its members from U. Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah operatives reportedly have passed through the area, and training camps, sleeper cells, and passport factories are said to be located there. And, as is their habit, ruling circles in many countries, following Washington's lead, respond to social unrest through military expansion.

The action coincides with growing left unity in South America, military buildup in the region and burgeoning independent trade relationships. troops - estimates vary - arrived in Paraguay on July 1, with planes, weapons, equipment and ammunition. contractors in the waning years of the Stroessner dictatorship (1954-1989), offers a runway long enough to accommodate large military transport planes and bombers. Journalist and human rights activist Alfredo Boccia Paz, stated in Asuncion that immunity from prosecution for U. soldiers, extension of their stay, and joint military exercises all provide the groundwork for the eventual installation of a U. Paratroopers staged a mock occupation of the Furnas electrical substation, located on the Brazilian border with Paraguay. military personnel have been providing medical care for poor peasants in a northern province since 2002. After September 11, 40 FBI agents joined Paraguayan colleagues to investigate some of these networks. In December 2004, Venezuela agreed to buy 110,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 33 helicopters and 50 fighter-bombers from Russia.

During the height of the gas war in 2003, when massive mobilizations were organized to demand the nationalization of the country's gas reserves, Morales was attending meetings in Geneva on parliamentary politics.