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As any fashionista knows, accessories can make or break an outfit and thankfully it was certainly the former here.Kate added cool hoops, oversized sunnies and a designer handbag to her ensemble, not to mention the bling-tastic beauties south of her ankles.A related term in Professional Wrestling is referred to by fans as "pushed to the moon." Basically, when the people backstage take a particular shine to a new wrestler, they're hyped ("pushed" in wrestling slang) and promoted well beyond their current skill set (both wrestling ability and characterization and ability to cut promos, known as "mic work.") Some can catch up and become superstars, others sadly can't.Many examples of actors and directors from all folders can be found in "What the Hell Happened?As the female stars age, Hollywood decides they aren't pretty enough anymore, and casts the new young thing.Male stars, meanwhile, are offered a lot more leeway with their looks, and can even be downright unattractive (and can therefore get known for things besides their bodies), so they are less affected and are generally less replaceable.Beaming: Kate Bosworth, 34, said that her husband Michael Polish was her personal 'Sexiest Man Alive' when asked about People's annual designation appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden Monday Corden said, 'Bull****,' to which the Los Angeles native responded, 'It's true, I’m so lucky, he’s the greatest.'Corden brought out a black and white picture of Polish flipping off the camera, then Bosworth explained the circumstances behind the striking image.'So basically, we were in Bali and he asked if I would give him a haircut - I'd never given a haircut in my life,' said Bosworth, who first crossed paths with Polish on the set of the 2013 film Big Sur, which he directed and she starred in.

Also compare it to the "star system" employed by the studios during The Golden Age of Hollywood, which this is effectively a modernized version of.

This is especially handy when the fickle viewing audience turns on a big-name actor with star power, or Real Life Writes the Plot and they do something scandalous.