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17-Nov-2017 01:10

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In Muslim societies, many use religion as a basis to justify the tradition.

The Koran ordains that a Muslim man can marry up to four wives, if he can care for them all equally well.

Five highlights of the revelations: 1) “Joseph Smith was sealed to a number of women who were already married.” Back in January after the first Gospel Topics statement about polygamy was released, one criticism I had was that there was no mention of the historical truth of polyandry in Nauvoo. Now the Church has openly acknowledged it.* 2) Some of those polyandrous relationships were for “eternity only,” but some may have been sexual.

(“Other women [who were already married] left no records, making it unknown whether their sealings were for time and eternity or were for eternity alone.”) 3) Joseph Smith’s first plural marriage occurred as early as the mid-1830s, after an angel appeared to him three times to demand that he commence plural marriage.

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The feeling was that it’s much better to get all this out in the open, to which I say AMEN. We got Fanny Alger, Helen Mar Kimball, and Joseph marrying without Emma’s consent.” But not everyone has been thrilled with the news.The practice was quite common in 588 societies while about 453 had occasional polygyny. Some anthropologists are of the view that polygamy has been the norm through human history.Male polygamy is now outlawed in many places, but not all.Indonesian app developer Lindu Pranayama has even spotted a need for a smartphone app to assist married men in finding additional wives.

Realizing that there were many married men looking to take more wives and few online services to meet their needs, he developed the smartphone app "Ayo Poligami" - roughly meaning "let's do polygamy" - to "bring together male users with women who are willing to make 'big families,'" Reuters news agency quoted him as saying.

A new smartphone app in Indonesia aimed at facilitating male polygamy has drawn condemnation from gender rights activists and triggered a renewed debate about the practice in the world's most populous Muslim nation.