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There you have it: Positive actions, positive outcome.

Nowadays the plus symbol is his sign: It is not only ever present in Lucas' designs, he also has a tattoo with the symbol in his right wrist.

Remember: You will need to practice and become proficient with any defensive tool to ensure that you can operate it effectively when a disaster strikes. While not as effective as a firearm, a good crossbow or compound bow will provide lethal accuracy out to 60 yards without the loud report of a gunshot.

A well-constructed entry level crossbow (firing at 300fps or greater) will typically cost around 0, though lower-powered variants can be purchased for much less.

Browbeat suggests the persistent application of highhanded, disdainful, or imperious tactics: browbeating a witness.


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A decent survival bow can be purchased for as little as . Steel ball bearings are the best ammunition for this type of weapon, but marbles, rocks and even steel nuts from a hardware store will function adequately. You can find a high-quality machete for less than at any hardware or sporting goods store. This compact, concealable defensive tool is an excellent choice for close-range defense.“When I started designing, I was making designs for a person who likes to remain positive in their demeanor, where positive thinking attracts positive experiences.