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23-Aug-2017 10:27

A hip-hop state of mind—one that freely samples, mixes, and remixes—influences the theoretical underpinnings of hip-hop feminism as well as the activism of hip-hop feminists.

This essay highlights some of the ways hip-hop feminist agendas have taken shape while always keeping in mind, as the epigraphs from Jean Grae and Joan Morgan show, there won’t be just one truth but multiple ones. dark and light” of it will help feminists to better do what Joan Morgan suggests feminism needs to do—be “brave enough to fuck with the grays” (1999, 59).

However, they will not all be feminist spaces or even have outright feminists messages.

Instead, they are spaces where hip-hop feminists, activists, and thinkers can possibly evoke change Krista Ratcliffe (2006) writes about giving her students a feminist literacy through which to read society.

Truth is what happens when your cumulative voices fill in the breaks, provide the remixes, and rework the chorus -Joan Morgan, When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks it Down The third-wave feminist leanings, along with black feminist and womanist agendas, make for a study in shifts and unevenness.

The third wave represents the generation of feminists that hip-hop feminism is a part of.

This generation of feminists is best represented theoretically in anthologies such as Listen Up: Voices from the Next Feminist Generation (Findlen 1995), To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism (Walker 1995), The Fire This Time: Young Activists and the New Feminism (Labaton and Martin 2004), Colonize This!

Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism (Hernandez and Rehman 2002), and Catching a Wave: Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century (Dicker and Piepmeier 2003).

Her upcoming sixth album — tentatively titled The One — will most likely be a mixed bag of hip-hop and slower cuts, filled with strong messages about self-love and anti-fuck boy rhetoric.It offers an exploratory examination of hip-hop feminism in an effort to map out an agenda for the twenty-first century.

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