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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person who receives this diagnosis typically displays impairment in three major areas: social interaction, communication, and behavior.

These challenges manifest themselves differently, depending on whether the individual has severe, moderate, or mild autism.

It can help to understand how mild autism is different from more severe forms of the disorder.

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Some individuals exhibit all the symptoms of mild autism, but more often, they have a mix of characteristics typical of mild autism, severe autism, and normal functioning.She loves to test out and share new recipes, and says that sharing food with lots of people, which is one of the things that brings her “the greatest joy in life”! The Foodess – Jenn describes her self-created titles as follows: : (noun) 1. For Jenn, it’s all about bringing friends and family around the heart of the home to share stories, laughter, music and nourishment. – Run by Jackie Sobon, this plant-based blog extraordinaire covers everything from indulgent desserts, raw goodies and health-conscious suppers! If you haven’t discovered before now – boy are you in for a treat! Green Kitchen Stories – This is lovely Vegetarian site created by husband and wife, David and Luise (the photographer and nutritionist respectively), to share their endeavor to come up with healthy vegetarian recipes.