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14-Oct-2017 11:57

Speaking as a fat person, not everyone who is fat is unhappy with their weight.You can be overweight, but perfectly happy with how you look and make a positive decision that you’d rather stay that way than subject yourself to a lifetime of denying yourself things that you love to eat.Mark Wahlberg is beating the winter blues by soaking up the sun in Barbados.So Katie Hopkins is fat, for the first time in her life.Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean was scanning through the comments on her Facebook page earlier this month when she noticed a message from a woman named Jo Ann.Apparently Jo Ann never got the memo that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. “Please stop allowing […] Mama June Shannon has come a long way.

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This morning was my first time working out in 9 weeks and although I have a long way to go to build my muscle strength and endurance back up again, (so please don’t body shame .. As we all are different shapes and sizes ) luckily there’s an inner strength thats […] Staying fit despite the criticism!

The former Apprentice contestant, now turned columnist/professional provocateur, has put on three and a half stone in three months for a TV programme she’s working on called Fat and Back which will chart her journey into being overweight and err, back again.

She says she decided to do it because she was sick of hearing people’s excuses for being fat and wants to prove that "it’s easy to lose weight".

She flaunted her famous curves […] New year, new recipe!

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Winter Olympic hopeful Ashley Wagner put down her ice skates and broke out her pots and pans to show Us Weekly a recipe that she calls her “post-workout protein bowl.” The dish – which calls for avocados, quinoa and grilled chicken – is the perfect meal to kick off a healthy […] No baby bump here!Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing.