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Upon his return, an unexpected love interest would develop which would throw many into a spin. I agree, the Tav/MC scenes were hysterical (nice new song, hated her do). But even the whole staging and posturing by MC--gees people. And I apologize in advance to all the Teo-lovers out there, but the man is creeping me out. I think even MC went off her appetite with his "I'm in love" spiel. I'm rooting for a transformation too, so Tav and Ed will stop calling him monster already. I find him so amusing, especially his exchanges with MC.And that hug---it could of been Ed and it would still have been ick! I know we are supposed to root for him and support him, but just something makes me uncomfortable on what he might do if these fantasies don't work out for him. Can't wait to find out when he realizes that he was set up with a, ahem, "dama de la noche" by Muhammad. They say Love is blind and marriage is an eye opener.Teo is so into MC I'm sure nobody else interests him. I just saw both Friday's and Monday's episodes back to back. One question, I don't know the laws in Mexico, but if Tav and MC are still legally married, does Tav have a claim on MA's new found fortune? And can't wait for MC/MA's return to the rancho, will Tav be there as well? if you want to check out his moves, google "You Tube Manuel Landete Bailando". Jarifa Thanks Latina, I always enjoy your forthright take on things, and especially thanks for mentioning the weird relationship between Doris and her brother. Like everybody else, I'm looking forward to the return of Teobaldo looking like the very sexy bald actor that he is. I'm sure the writers will have some eligible babe appear eventually for him to love devotedly. Sara, MC married with Tav using her Olivares name, so before thinking he has a right to her money, I think they are not legally married in the first place. And when that little fellow gets a name, maybe we get to wait another celebrity birth, and then another... Without mentioning it, can someone who is watching ahead tell us if we ever find out the name? She was just hanging there, with no support to her head whatsoever - CPS, where are you?But he has no chance, no chance at all- not to mention he could be her father by age... She's never really been a villain, just shallow and vain. It's looking more and more like a new character is on the horizon. He was injured on that show , and his son had to replace him. Adriana- That was the look he had in his last tn, Corazon Valiente. Do you like the way that women are treated in the Middle East? For the official record---I have enjoyed every minute of Corazon Indomable thus far and I suspest the same until it gringo Is it illegal to change a child's name? They should have definitely (for the baby's safety) cut and reshot that scene!I'm still waiting for the story to start making some sense, but I think I'm wasting my time. Manuel Landete (Teo) is a very handsome man, so it would be nice to see him transformed. This is pure conjecture: I think we will see someone new OR, maybe..maybe he may end up with Raiza. It really wasn't clear for a while, but this seems to be the case. I actually felt sorry for her when she walked in on MA and Tav after winning. So, Vivi, I completely agree with your assessment of the hairpiece in Teresa. I think it's rather a certainty now that we are going to get a Teo transformation. wouldn't even need the math or high heels lessons. The man is old enough to be my father and I was completely enchanted by him. They say Love is blind and marriage is an eye opener. Thanks for the recap, Latina and for taking the trouble to put down the words to the song and the translation. wow, Vivi I just realized that the baddie from Teresa and the baddie from CV are the same man??! @Judy B - as a married woman, I couldn't agree more with your take on married men: "Trouble with hearing? So I no longer take it personally when I have to say, "But I just told you the answer 3 sentences ago? " I know he's not deaf because he still complains about the sound of the lawnmowers outside. Lol - I was reading an article on yesterday's royal birth, and it said this: "Some British parents have delayed naming their newborns in recent days in hopes of either copying or avoiding the royal name." Could this also be why Mari Ale hasn't yet named her little "huerquilla gren~uda" - she did give her that nickname btw.

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That's more than we can say about the Narvaez brothers. Loved the exchange between Tav & MC, might he get clue finally who she really is?Somehow, I don't think MC will be able to remain detached. Her blood seems to boil each time she sees Tav with another woman, and that has nothing to do with her revenge plans. I got the incest vibe between Doris and her brother too. I kind of zoned out when they were first introduced to us. My favorite part was when Octavio recognized one of MC's mannerisms. I can't believe that Esther is the voice of reason at Ranch Hell. That MC is in a tug-of-war with herself - "I hate him, but I love him still." If it were all about revenge it wouldn't be as interesting.Maricruz looked awful jealous, Octavio is more smitten than ever, a new theme song is playing...could we actually be getting some romance on this telenovela?? It was nice to see a little of the sweet, naive Maricruz come back again. Is Lucia REALLY that gullible to destroy a marriage involving an infant son and unborn child based on mere suspicion? She sure has psych issues and needs professional help.I *did* enjoy the scene where MA let a little bit of her MC show.

Poor dullard of a Tav caught it for maybe a nanosecond. I enjoyed how you captured the bad writing w/the same old, same old in your asides and the title.Next we see Teo arriving at the airport, dressed in all black. I'm starting to think BOTH the Narvaez brothers have a hearing problem since Miguel didn't compute Ester telling him about the anonymous letters, and obviously Tav didn't compute Serafina telling him MC was pregnant many, many episodes ago.