Blacks and dating and jews

23-Jun-2017 15:59

The day I received my rabbinic ordination, my Smichah, was the day I was born to begin my life in the service of God and to devote all my energies to the benefit of our people.

The day I married was the day that, in the eyes of Jewish tradition, I became a complete person – until then being unfulfilled without my divinely designated helpmate.

The 18 century rabbinic giant, Rabbi Moshe Sofer, known by the name of his major work as the Chatam Sofer, resolved a fascinating question by way of this insight.

The Talmud teaches that truly holy people die on their birthday.

During the 1917 revolution in Russia, the Communists were successful in part by mobilizing street forces. A Nazi song, "Horst Wessel," included these lyrics: "When Jewish blood spurts from the knife, things will go well again." Lovers of order and protocol, the Germans made their stance against the Jews legally binding.

In Germany, Hitler took 400,000 scum off the streets – addicts and criminals – and provided them with sticks and “brown shirt” uniforms. In 1935, anti-Semitism officially became enshrined in the Nuremberg Laws, which included: Case in point: A Jew had been working for a German businessman for years, doing a good job as a manager.

After Hitler’s takeover in 1933, Germany began getting bad press around the world due to their horrible treatment of the Jews.

The Germans, in their way of thinking, said: "It’s all because of the Jewish lobby, overseas." The Germans decided: "To quiet them down, we’re going to hit the Jews where it hurts – in their pocketbooks." They declared a boycott against all Jewish businesses.

The guest of honor, who in all probability planned it for himself?The businessman decided to fire this “hated Jew” – but the Jew had a contract and was doing a good job. The result: The court invoked a clause which terminated an employee’s contract should he become incapacitated due to illness.The court ruled that as a Jew, his racial characteristics were equivalent to illness and thus his contract was void.The Germans placed bully storm troopers in front of Jewish businesses all over Germany for a one-day boycott.

If anyone tried to enter a Jewish business or store, he was subject to a beating (or “re-education” camp).

We have a right – as well as an obligation – to celebrate a life that we can now in retrospect acknowledge as having been well lived.

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