Average reply rate online dating

26-Aug-2017 12:01

If you’re non-white, you’ll take a massive hit if you do this.

Not only have I seen this with guys all over the world, but OKCupid has also verified this empirically.

To use myself as an example again, I date much younger women via online dating all the time with very little problem, even with low response rates. Obviously, you’ll get better responses from women of the equivalent race.

Yet for the past several years on Match.com, I haven’t been able to get a single date from a woman under 30 no matter how hard I try. Now that I’ve said that publicly, the next time I do a blitz on I’m going to get a date with an under-30 and it will be super easy. If you’re white, you’ll take a slight hit in response if you message women outside of your race.

There are many of them, and I’m probably not going to cover them all, but these are the big ones. There are far less “serious” women on dating sites. It’s not that there are more or less women on dating sites.

It’s that there are less women on dating sites who are actually there to meet a guy in real life.

Your openers follow the standard opener rules (very brief, non-needy, doesn’t compliment appearance, doesn’t get sexual, etc).

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– Just because a type of woman is of lower statistical response for you, you cannot use it as an excuse to not message her.

Yet I have to admit that my average response rates are not what they were a few years ago. I have ALWAYS had reasonably low response rates as compared to better looking guys, or guys who are opening women their own age (which I don’t do), yet I’ve always had a steady flow of women via online dating for many years now regardless.

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