Application of single and three phase induction motor ukrian dating

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Application of single and three phase induction motor-32

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If we tried to connect X5 X6 X4 to L1 L2 L3 (along with X1 X2 X3), we still have the same rotation but I don't think it will work because X1-X2 now peaks at the same time as X5-X6 (rather than at same time as X4-X5 as designed).

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The two winding halves behave as transformers with the three phases interconnected in wye.* Homer Wisdom - "Operator, Give me the number for 911" * How would it work to induce a voltage in the second wye by applying dc to the first one?I am used to seeing 9 lead wye connected dual voltage motors, so 6 circuits 1-4,2-5,3-6,7-(10),8-(11),9-(12) (10,11,12 permanently connected wye) So if you apply dc to lead 1 and lead 2 of one wye and measure with a volt meter on second wye to find the lead pair with most induced voltage with the correct polarity, that should be the parallel circuit 7-8 shouldn't it.If these are the same phase pairs, you will be adding voltages which are in-phase or 180 out and the resulting voltage x1 to x4 will go to 0 or will double.

In that case you have found that pair x1/x2 is equal to pair x4/x5 (if voltage goes to zero) or is equal to pair x5/x4 (if voltage doubles).

I would try it if it were mine, and then bump it, but you're on you own,'cause I don't know if it will work. Sounds odd, but if true, thenthe hardest part of the job has been done already (findingthe polarity of the second set).