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30-Oct-2017 18:11

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The Amstrad CPC was often criticised for its games, but if you were to look past its many Spectrum ports, you’d discover there were plenty of fantastic gems for it.

Join us as we celebrate 10 such examples that no Amstrad owners should be without.

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Photographed by Adrian Pingstone in 1988 and released to the public domain.Furthermore, fans of the Amstrad CPC will be over the moon to hear that even more features are packed into this add-on.Also on the board sits a second ROM containing Parados 1.1, a reset button (something missing from the CPC) and an ABBA switch (to switch between drives).Fortunately the gameplay proves to be just as immersive as the striking visuals and you’ll soon find yourself frantically trying to regain as much of your opponent’s land as possible while you fight it out with infantry, huge cannons and even mobile forces. The Guild Of Thieves Released: 1987 There’s a selection of great text adventures for the CPC, but it’s the wonderful Guild Of Thieves we constantly return to.

It’s a meticulously crafted story, features some beautifully drawn locations and has some extremely devious puzzles to solve.

You are also at your disposal a section with the main emulators and, if you have any questions or suggestions we offer you a section to contact us, as well as a section for news or updates on the web.

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