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15-Jun-2017 16:12

The right wing Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD), polling at around 10 per cent and expected to play a key role in any coalition talks, is calling for a referendum on EU membership and says the party “wants to leave, just like Britain”.

Mr Babis himself opposes more EU integration and the adoption of the euro – but he has also spoken positively of the benefits of membership, and would rather prefer the Czech Republic play a bigger role in a reformed bloc. Final results, which could play a big part in any coalition talks, will likely not be known until early on Sunday.

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Turning his hand to politics, he founded ANO – which stands for “Action of Dissatisfied Citizens” – in 2011, as an anti-corruption platform aiming to abolish immunity for politicians.

And Mr Babis, whose party has a wide lead in the polls, is in prime position to head a coalition government.

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Voting in the Czech parliamentary election began on Friday and will continue into Saturday, with opinion polls predicting victory for Mr Babis’ centrist ANO movement and other protest parties.

This despite the fact that the country’s economy is performing well and immigration into the Czech Republic, a country of 10 million people, is virtually non-existent.There are more than a few similarities between Mr Babis – one of the richest men in the Czech Republic – and Mr Trump.

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